Now I´m A Family Man :)

Well, as the topic says I´m now a family man. The 3 of februari at 07.30 in the morning a boy was born and maybe one day I´ll teach him Renoise :)
But first I have to change his diapers

Congrats splajn. We should all follow him and do something against dying trackerism ;)

No not you Taktik, you should stay and develop Renoise, or you could get two children and make them booth help you developing Renoise, and we other can get atleast two childrens each buy Renoise :)

:lol: Second generation renoisers, cant imagine the features that will be being made bytaktik 2 + 3`

By the way congrats Splajn!

Congrats Splajn :)

I’m happy for you!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Congrats man!
The renoise community are thanking you for passing on your renoise gen’s :D

:huh: :o :blink: :blink: :unsure: :rolleyes: :) :D <- Splajn when baby comes? :)


hey, all the best to your wife/girlfriend and to you !

prepare for a major change in your life, but dont be afraid, you will loose some things but gain alot. :D

congrats ;)

Yea, contratulations! :D

don’t forget to register a copy of ReNoise for him!! :lol:

congrats man, we’re all happy for you :) post a picture soon ya

Congratulations :D

Congatulations man. I wish you luck and joy in your fatherhood.

Congratulations :D

Congrats :)



What’s the little man’s name then friend?

His name is Vincent Elton

And for those curious, here is what he looks like…But first a warning, you might puke ;)

And my first atempt at changing diapers at the hospital……-1st-napkin.jpg…ys-sideview.jpg…cent-sleeps.jpg

Congrats splajn. :)

Hehehe, might make one for my cat some day… :D

Congrats splajn!! Now give Vincent Elton a good Renoise-upbringing ya hear! :P

Cue angel-choir:
:yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :drummer: :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :yeah: