Nudge (note/block editing tool)

The way you want it to work, is how it suppose to work, as long as you’re within block selection. It does here anyway. Maybe I uploaded something busted. Will check it out later.

can this or something better than thia be implemented as standard please @taktik

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is there a version of this which moves not the selection, but what you have under your cursor, and moves the contents together with the cursor itself?

That’s impossible to do. There is no access to cursor position.

that is not true contains a file

jumpLines.lua (816 Bytes)

then trigger the code like this

jump up:

local tmp_pos =
if tmp_pos.global_line_index > then
  tmp_pos.global_line_index = tmp_pos.global_line_index -
  tmp_pos.global_line_index = 1
end = tmp_pos

jump down:

local tmp_pos =
tmp_pos.global_line_index = tmp_pos.global_line_index + = tmp_pos

you need to include this line on top:

require 'jumpLines'

Interesting. Is there access to note column position ?

have a look at the insertNote(note, noteColumnIndex) function in main.lua in ChordLord to see everything in detail. it is a bit much to copy all the code here.

rename the .xrnx to .zip and unzip it.

also see the manuals

function effectsColumnIsSelected()
  return == 0
local noteColumn =[noteColumnIndex]
  if then
    noteColumn.volume_value =
    noteColumn.volume_value = 255
  noteColumn.instrument_value = - 1
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nudge cursor.xrnx (918 Bytes)

Moves note, instrument and volume
nudge cursor.xrnx (1001 Bytes)

Can you please explain what it does and maybe put it to the top post?

That’s already explained. Instead of block selection, note under cursor is moved.

Oh hell, it’s been a while… Moving what’s underneath the cursor was already there !

I remember now, moving the cursor is impossible. At least it used it to be.

only in phrases it can not be moved via script.

but in the pattern editor it can.

you have to include jumpLines.lua in (rename to .zip) the .xrnx and use

require 'jumpLines'

on top of your main.lua

see this post

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it would require the tmp_pos jump code to be added to the nudge functions.

That didn’t work for me, but I just took a quick stab at it.

Yea, it works :grin:

nudge cursor.xrnx (1.2 KB)


That’s amazing - will make my life a lot easier! Thanks a lot for making it! And @EatMe for the jumpLines thing.

Ah, this is great! Thank you @fiasko&@EatMe&@joule !!! :+1::+1:
definitely simplifies pattern editing!

@wrighter @slujr :
Most thanks should go to @joule
I copied it from this topic:
where he answered my question on how to jump lines.

Thank you for your thank-you’s for sharing the code.