Nuendo 2

i just got to try out Nuendo 2. it’s reaally cool. i think this is a much better approach for steinberg than cubase. intuitive, fast and very easy to use.
has anyone else had a chance to mess with it?

sounds great, but dude, it’s 1.5 thousand euros. where can i get the demo?

I use it to mix the songs I do with Renoise (I was using Adobe Audition before, but there’s no comparison) because it’s very fast to use and gives me the chance to use my DiX plug ins (the Waves set in particular which is very good). I’m not able to compose anything inside Nuendo 2 because of the piano roll, I’m too much slow with it, expecially when I have to apply FX.

Btw, it’s really powerful (and expensive…) and it has tons of features…