Nuendo 4

Is it good?

You people are the real deal huh?

congratulations with achieving super advanced member status. I see you have 150 posts now.

Thanks, pretty advanced alright.

Last time I checked nuendo it was basically cubase with more stuff I’ll never use. Not worth the money IMO.

if you are already heading to a specific software, probably you already have in mind what you need and why you would buy Nuendo instead of, say, Cakewalk, isn’t it?

so, if a Nuendo user really exist on this forum, you should provide him some more info in your question, like for example what you would like your music tool to have, what kind of approach to music you have, and so on.

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Hello Nuendo 4 user.
Is it good for “sound design” , picture and sound, sound and picture?Workflow etc…?

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