Nullarbor - Remastered

Download mp3: Nullarbor

I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by putting myself to the test of trying to best use my new monitors to re-mix/mastered an older song I was unhappy with. The rising maximalism of “Nullarbor” seemed appropriate for the task and was quite the challenge! With much complicated juggling I think I’ve come up with a good result, but at a guess I still think I am a long way from sonic mastery.

This is where you can possibly help me with feedback (especially you audio geeks out there). How does this sound to you? Any points that are too harsh or too muddy sounding? Could this sit alongside your favourite big name artist and sound like it belongs in the same sonic world? Let me know what you think.


Lovely track man :)

Soundwise it sounds ace to me, although I must admit that at the beginning
it (the track itself?) didn’t sound very convincing. The role of the beats in this
track is not as up front as the beginning suggests, which makes it sound ‘off-balance’
or something, sonically ofcourse. Perhaps the beat could use either some more
dynamics, or more punch perhaps, because personally I found it sound a bit weak.
Especially the snare could use some spice, but I might cross the border of taste
right there. Not sure where it lies when it comes to mixing/mastering anyway…

As this song develops, it drags its listener along and to me that means it sounds ace.
Muchos respect for nailing this so far! What dynamics!

Yeah fair point BotB! Beatslaughter brought up the same issue. I must admit these fast dnb style drums aren’t my forte and they could probably benefit from some oldschool style volume automation-tracking. If I were to re-write the drums from scratch I’d use something like my metal jamstix drums with dashes of breakcore to spice it up. But time to move on - just making sure I’m getting the tone right out of my new HS80Ms.

Why the drums when the track is good very well without them?