Obsessing With Renoise 2.5

so i gave this tune the working title of obsess
hear it here:
its another fidget-type tune…

This type of house / techno :wink: is starting to grow on me…nice junglistic bass going mixed with the occasional rave stab.

I like when you switch the bass, add the think break and introduce that pad melody. Maybe you can automate some of the predatohm settings to have the basstimbre move somewhat more over the course of the track as well…or not.

Is this an active music scene? Can you recommend me some labels/artists to check out?



thanks jonas
i did think about gettin lairy with the predatohm, but i added it to the mix at the last minute and thought it would conflict with other frequencies in the mix…
according to something i just read online, this was a joke name for a genre and is mostly only known in cyber space…?
some of the stuff that came up on wikipedia is pretty disgusting cheesy electro house
i suppose i like to think of it as dubstep with a glitchy house beat…

i keep it short…


( oh, lets also bitch on something… :D , thought the hats could be more louder/crispy… might be just a taste thing tho )

thanx pilot7!
i agree with you actually
it seems to be quite common for me to mix with not enough treble… maybe i focus too much on the bass…
today i mastered the track using ozone which should probably have sorted it.
will upload soon
appreciatin the feedback, nice one

That’s always been a problem for me too… Think I’m getting the hang of it though ;)

I’ll check the track and give some feedback later when I have more time

Ah! Very nice. The elements, by themselves, are things I typically would not listen to. Especially house. How you have integrated everything though is excellent.

Very catchy. I really enjoyed this. Nice work!

thanx for listening trepain,
i’m glad you enjoyed it too :)
coupla years ago, i would’ve been saying the same thing as you-
kinda shocked that i’m making house now these days!
but i guess genre boundaries have become a lot more blurred recently…

Good Music is Good Music.
Well done on the track:-)