OBXD causes renoise to hang and then crash

Running renoise on linux, when I try to load the obxd VST renoise hangs for a few minutes and then crashes. Any help?

Which version are you running, did you get a binary from somewhere or build it yourself?

I got the binary from here. (it says version 1.4)

I think there is a problem with that version, it doesn’t work for me either in any host. Discodsp have recently decided to take it on but as far as I can tell they haven’t done much to it since the previous version, you can grab a 64 bit version here (you can install the .deb or extract it and put the binary in your vst directory).

If you use debian or ubuntu based distro you can add the kxstudio repo and get that and a load more.

If you are on an arch based distro you can get it in aur with this package.

If you’re up to just obxd and not whole kxstudio:


That is a version that should be the same as kxstudio, no packages just binaries I think

The different versions because it is open source, and different people seem to go about maintaining it in different ways.

the distrho version seems to work fine. Thanks!