Odd Note Off Behaviour

I haven’t worked a lot with Renoise lately, but the other day I began a new track with 2.0 RC1 and now with RC2 I still see the same behaviour.

When setting a note-off with the CapsLock I find that I have to press it twice to set a note-off. This was not the case with 1.9 and I’ve also double-checked the setup for note-off and smart note-off - the value just says Capital.

I recently changed my setup to a Quadcore intel and Vista64 but I doubt that is causing it… anyone else experiencing the same behaviour?

Happy new year!

  • Torben

I have this problem under Vista on my notebook. we found this problem during the alpha stage and I didn’t find any solution other than using a software which can remap the keys: I have remapped the CAPS LOCK to another key, and changed the shortcut for note off to that key. The only annoyance is that you have to load the software when you load renoise, and unload it after using it.

Ok, thanks. I’ll figure out something - but hopefully a fix is planned for future updates… more and more people switch to Vista, more or less willingly ;)

well but this is not a strictly Vista related thing (although I do not experience the same problem using Linux), in the sense that not every Vista user experience this. as far as we have understood, this happens only on some notebooks which have a keyboard hardware made for japanese market, but sold on the western one (of course I’m not saying that your keyboard has japanese ideograms on it :)), and we were not able to find a solution for this problem, which seems to be hardware and/or dirvers related (keyboard drivers I mean).

Cap Locks is a weird legacy behavior IMHO. Even though I’ve been using Cap Locks for over a decade I still remember trying to figure it out on FT2 and going "what? cap locks?! but it’s a toggle key?’

There should be a second key for off-note.

the shortcut is configurable (“smart note off”) so I don’t see the problem…?

Oh, it is? I didn’t know that. Haha, sorry.

Well, for the record, mine is not a laptop. It’s a HP Elite tower model, Intel Quadcore 64bit.

What was the note-off command for FT2 anyway, I cant seem to remember… :huh:

on FT2 the note off was CAPS LOCK too