Odin2 - Synth (Windows, Mac, Linux)

That’s an awesome synth:



Looks good do you have any patches for it?

I’m just trying to make some :rofl:

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Trying to make a kick :confused:

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thanks for sharing! will try it tonight to contribute if possible…
oh i just see that vst2 is not available… meh… now i should write a vst3 into renoise-future-wishlist lol

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That’s better:



thanks for sharing @lilith

couldn’t find much information regarding the synth itself but it says the site is under construction

It’s in beta at the moment.

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i particularly love the chip-tune oscillator !!

i hope they add a reverb at some point

Reverb is very unlikely. He mentioned this at kvr.

yeah i was making some presets for it yesterday but some sounds i always like to add some reverb. and a delay doesn’t produce similar results even making a long tail with release at some points all the overlapping is unpleasant

none the less great sound for a free synth !!

i’m also waiting for Vital…the dev is putting short clips on his twitter and it looks promising its the same developer of helm

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Maybe there’s a workaround, but a separate vca for each osc would be great.

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Problem with most recent open source plugins is that they use the vst3 developers kit ( sine vst 2 is not supported anymore by steinberg )
So why list vst 3 plugins if renoise can’t even handle them ?/

Because you can compile it yourself as vst2 :slight_smile: