Oexy - Retrigger.......help ! ? ! ?

Can someone explain, in a usefull way to use this function. I make breakcore (think Venetian Snares i guess) and do (what i think) is simular to this by kicking the Tempo and Speed up high in order to have a higher editing resoluition.

anyway, suggestions, explainations, examples, all are welcome ! !!

thanks guys,


using retrig at higher speed (i.e.: low speed values, such as F103) can be useless: as every tick-based command (such as note delay, Dxx, note cut, Fx, and so on), the tick value of the command cannot exceed the speed value.

So, if you are using speed 3 (F103), you can only use 0Exy with y = 1 or y = 2

y tells renoise to retrig (i.e.: play again) the sample each y ticks, while x tells renoise to lower the value of the volume at each retrig (see help for a complete table of values for x)


speed: F106

C-4 01 30 0E72 note, instrument, volume, command

the note will be played 3 times (speed / y = 3) in a row, at tick 00, 02 and 04, with volume 30h, 18h, 0Ch (x = 7 => volume halved at each retrig)

also check tutorials