Off Key

I know this is a a very dummy question but:
How can I add an OFF key? Imean The same code inserted while you release a note. I cant find it.

Caps-Lock ?

this question seems to come up every few days, how is this mentioned in the manual? :)

there is a page for note off in the manual:

unless you are not aware of the existence of note-off itself, you should be able to find it

The question comes up every few days because usually new users don’t expect keys like Caps-Lock or Floating-Menu to have an assigned function in renoise. They usually do their original function in other tools. It might be good to emphasize the function of these keys in some way, in manual or inside renoise.

As you just said IT-alien, if you don’t know the concept…

A user from another type of music program or even a musician reading notes would not be familiar with any note-off concept and even less a beginner.

I would perhaps search for “release key”, stop note or note stop. There is no way I would even think the word note-off.

Its also very hidden deep down in the manual…I guess quite few reads that far in the beginning.

Atleast it should be moved up to play and record.

Another thing that comes to mind is to have the graphic square read note-off then users would know what to search for or perhaps even better. Caps lock self explaining though a bit confusing.

Also if it would be possible it perhaps tooltips could be used in the pattern editor? It could explain a lot what stuff does by just hovering the mouse over the pattern command.

I will do a pattern editor tutorial but i’m so heavily busy at my job i don’t have anytime to fget things recorded.
(just returned from my work 25 minutes ago)


maybe a context menu entry “insert note off”, with the CAPS_LOCK shorcut written aside

i like that idea, through a menu is usually how i learn most shortcut keys