Offbeats, Offset Beats, Madlib...question, Tip Needs.


I tried to replicate some beats from Madlib. But i failed…all this shuffle, offsets and stuff.
I want to play offbeat in Renoise. How 2 realise diz?

You can use the delay command to change the moment of play between two rows either by using the dx command in the volumne or panning column or by using the 0dxx command in the effect column. The x or xx represent tick values ranging from 1 to your current speed value set topleft of the application.
d3 starts to play your note from tick 3 at the current row, d4 starts to play your note from tick 4 at the current row.
If your value goes above your current speed-limit, the command won’t affect the true offset.

If you also want to change your sample offset because you want to trigger a different area of the sample in the instrument you are playing use the 09xx command in the effect-command column. In the sample editor you can obtain the 09xx offset value by clicking on the point you would like to have the sample played from, on the lower right part next to the record button you will be seeing the 09xx offset value that you can type in your effect-column.

The larger your sample is, the less precise the offsetvalue will near the true position that you want to trigger the sample from simply because the amount of bytes of the sample-size have to be devided in 255 equal offset points.
A sample of 256 bytes in size can be triggered one byte precision, a sample of 1024 in size can be triggered 4 bytes in precision etc.

try a sick timesignature with speed 2.

check (e.g.: soma’s and ndc’s) midiplugs (esp. jitter plugs) wrapped in eXT.
vst’s with high latency are also good.
or record your drums freehand…
but imo for ‘flowin’ offbeat suff a tracker like renoise isnt the best choice.

You could use beatsync on a short funky drumloop to make it veeeery slow, and then try to match bd, snare and hihat perfectly, by nudging the hits back and forth until it doesn’t seem to get any “warmer”. Might be a good start at least.

Or hey, set up a drumkit instrument, and then bang on the keyboard… practice that a lot, and you might be able to record your own “real drumming”. Remember, you can record slowly.

(Hah, maybe I should take my own advice to heart, my tunes mostly sound like a bored robot…)

you will run into some problems if you try to achieve that, the Dx command is too coarse even if you use a speed of 16 to be able to use D in a range from 0 to F and it’s a pain in the ass to play a note abit earlier because you need to play it a line before and delay it.

This track :…-_pacemaker.mp3

is about the the best I could achieve in terms of “drunken/staggering beat” in renoise. if you want total control over your beats (and know what you are doing, there is abit more to it than just shuffling your drums around) then you are probably better off with some other program offering the classic sequencer. Atleast for the drums, because chopping up samples and making small loops/licks out of other peoples music is very easy and rewarding in renoise. I usually just take a musical loop and gate it using the volume command, a delay afterwards and you end up with great stuff.

The method I use is to not beatsync your chops (samples). Instead play them a touch fast or slow, and don’t hesitate to alternate between the two. set the base notes off, and use the fine tunning. Don’t worry that it doesn’t all sync up because that’s exactly what you don’t want it to do. Now play the pattern you want but don’t hold the note long enough that it plays something too off, instead switch to the next chop. Also make use of the 09 offset. You can get your chops to feel really nice… right in Renosie.

here’s an example of something I’m working on right now only using renoise (ignore the quality, I’ve literally just started it).

in that example, if I were to let the first note just go, it would be way out of time with the bpm I’m actually using. Oh, and one last method is to use odd pattern lengths. Literally, whatever length works for what you are playing. Don’t worry about the timsig.

Thanks vV! But i know these methods already. But anyway i cant program these madlibs "freehand, flowin" beats…still sounds choppy and mechanical. Like someone here said its difficult to do such kind of stuff in a tracker. But im still diggin this porblem till my first blood man, i swear ill do it! )

Yeah, i started to use freehand method…drumming on my pads and listening to madlibs shit. Renoise is inrecording note delays and stuff` , but anyway it still sound not right.

Still diggin teh problem. Kaneeel, HELP!

Im using battery for drums. And always practice drumming on pads, damn....but ur idea with beatsync is damn great, ill try this one. Thanks!

`k. thanks for tips bro.

Pacemaker is nice really.
Beat isnt so flowin freehand like madlibs but its very close. Itll be great if ya can send me an XRNS file of this track. Just drum track is ok.
Thanks )

this might be a bit of a pain in the ass,…

but if you have pads and battery, can you not record only the audio from battery instead of actually programing it inside renoise?

then you simply load the freehand beat in as a sample.

i do that with my mpc sometimes cos certain beats would just be too much work to try and program into renoise, or any other midi type thing.

if you can play your pads in time, then this’ll be alot easier than trying to program each hit.

Yeah, i know man. But i really dont like LOOPS. Im a fan ofone-shotsamples. Its gonna be a tru pain inda arse, but ill do it )))
U kno, i like to have a FULL control over my song, so i use mostly one-shot samples. Loops to da minimum.

yeah i know what you mean and i’m pretty much the same.

it just means that you have to get pretty good at “playing” the pads/mpc which from the sounds of things i’m guessing your timing is good enough to do.

you’ll still have full control over your own samples.

i’ve found that once you get a groove going with a freehand beat, and once you’ve recorded it,…

the inaccuracies of the 09 offset becomes more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

actually you could try doing that,…

so instead of entering 0910 for the snare, you enter 090f or 090e so you get that “air” if you know what i mean, which is pretty much what you would do if you wanted to do this on real drums right?

atarix, give me some time to get back from evoke and I will send it to you.

`k, thanks a lot!

as promised, here it is :

the track is quite old now and I wouldn’t do the drums like this anymore (more sounds and different mixing), but maybe this is useful for you.

Oh dam, bro, thanks a lot for this!