Offline resampler tool


is there a offline resampler tool, which makes it possible to resample 44,1kHz based drum sounds to 48kHz using insane, perfect quality?

I remember there is the CDP tool, but I cannot make it work. Also SOX tool. Do those command line tools provide an insane resampler algorithm?

Normally the Renoise sample editor should do this fine. If you need a software to do this without the needs of using Renoise, nearly every actual standalone audio editor should be able to do this. For example Audacity is a free one.
I’m also developing software as a hobby. If you want i can write you a little standalone tool for just converting samplerate and bit depth if you just wanna convert samples without editing them.

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Thanks for the offer, but I also have sample editors installed. My aim was to be able to offline-resample within Renoise. I commonly use 44.1kHz sampled drum sounds, but also use 48kHz as default output rate. So I would like to resample it in the highest possible quality for played on C-4, or maybe resample it to another pitch in very good quality. I know that Renoise sinc inpterpolation already is quite good, but yet you can get much higher quality if time does not matter.

But of course you are right, I simply could use a sample editor :hushed:

Resampler quality comparison:

Sox seems a good free tool for resampling jobs. I also think it is interesting that there is minimum phase mode available with sox, so resampling without preringing, yet with hi freq phase shift.

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Thanks, I installed the sox executable now, but couldn’t so far produce any conversation using the minimal phase/high quality setting, also did not find that in the docs :disappointed: Also dread’s dbatch tool does not seem to work on macos, no output file created error. Will have a look into that.

You know if you resample to higher rates, the output file gets larger in sample size. Some sample editors even can resample to higher rates, but keep the original sample size. But this then results in a slightly higher pitch in the output file.

Any idea about the proper sox command?


sox input.wav output.wav rate -v 48k

should work.

sox --help-effect rate
rate [-q|-l|-m|-h|-v] [override-options] RATE[k]
 -q  quick          n/a  ~30 @ Fs/4 playback on ancient hardware
 -l  low            80%     100     playback on old hardware
 -m  medium         95%     100     audio playback
 -h  high (default) 95%     125     16-bit mastering (use with dither)
 -v  very high      95%     175     24-bit mastering
              OVERRIDE OPTIONS (only with -m, -h, -v)
 -M/-I/-L     Phase response = minimum/intermediate/linear(default)
 -s           Steep filter (band-width = 99%)
 -a           Allow aliasing above the pass-band
 -b 74-99.7   Any band-width %
 -p 0-100     Any phase response (0 = minimum, 25 = intermediate,
              50 = linear, 100 = maximum)
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