I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything ok because it was working fine til I loaded in a long sample this morning, now whether I just click to place my offset in the sample editor or highlight a selection, the samples always play from the start when triggered in my pattern. weirdly if I press the play button in the sample editor it only plays my selection…

I think you are misunderstanding what the “offset” is.

if by “offset” you mean the selection you make with the mouse on the sample data (it becomes orange, with the default color theme), then this is just a logicla selection which is used to cut, copy and edit just a portion of the file. The fact that you noticed this only when loading a long file is just because it is more difficult to notice this on shorter files.

if by “offset” you meant the yellow vertical lines on the sample data, they are loop margins, which defines how and where the sample should loop, after being played from the beginning.

If you need to let the sample start not from the beginning, you have two options:
1] use command 09xx, where 00 < xx < FF. This command divides the sample into 256 logical chunks, and starts playing it from the xxth chunk. This is the choice to be made if you need to variate the offset during play: just use a different xx value when needed
2] select the portion of the file you don’t want to play, and cut it

thanks a lot for your speedy reply. so the line I’m clicking is actually more like a guideline for what I put in the pattern…that makes sense. I was confused by the line in the sample editor tutorial that says at the bottom click to set an offset position.

cheers, happy new year!