Offshor Invasion - Rochester, Ny - Dnbbq Leftfield Style - Dec 26th

[Offshore Recording/Breakbeat Science, NYC]
Clever discovered the sounds of drum & bass while taking a semester abroad in London. He moved to New York City two years later to work at Breakbeat Science, turning his dream of pursuing drum & bass full time into reality. Residencies at numerous events, including: Aerophobia, Push, Deluxe and Fortified, established his sound and presence in NYC. Clever’s sets have stirred dancefloors in cities globally, including: London, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Clever currently focuses on his label, Offshore Recordings. Artists Deep Blue, Paradox, Seba, ASC, Graphic, Sileni, Martsman and Tundra, collaborations with Ohm Resistance, Klute’s Commercial Suicide label and worldwide distribution through ST Holdings, forge a unique path. Knowledge Magazine, BBC Radio 1xtra, Drum & Bass Arena, BPM, XLR8R and Simon Reynolds have all recognized and praised the label’s progress. 2006 brings bigger and better things for Offshore and Clever.


09/2006: V/A “Science Faction Dubstep mixed by Clever” [BBS] CD
05/2006: V/A “K81- The Unsung Heroes mixed by Clever” [Knowledge Magazine] CD
05/2005: V/A “Breakbeat Science Exercise 5 mixed by Clever” [Breakbeat Science] CD
04/2005: Tundra [Morgan Packard & Clever] “Sprouts (Omni Trio Rmx)” [Offshore Recordings] 12"
02/2005: Tundra [Morgan Packard & Clever] “Deep Sleep” [Microcosm Music] 10"
08/2004: V/A “Ohm Resistance/Offshore Split 10” Series Mix by Clever" [OHMOSR] CD
07/2004: V/A “Offshore presents Troubled Waters mixed by Clever” [Microcosm Music] CD
04/2003: V/A “Total Drum & Bass mixed by Clever” [Moonshine Music] CD
09/2002: V/A “Xperience Drum & Bass mixed by Clever” [Moonshine Music] CD
06/2002: Tundra [Morgan Packard & Clever] “C-Space (ASC Rework) / Sprouts” [Offshore Recordings] 12"
12/2001: Anemone & Clever “Connect Four” [Offshore Recordings] 12"
10/2001: Clever/Ezekiel “Push Vol. One” Mixtape
03/2001: Clever “C-Quence” Mixtape

Local Support From:
[Tentative Recordings, Rochester]

[Kunnin Minds / WiSound, Rochester]


18+ - 7$
21+ - 5$
drink specials for those of age

and brace yourself for the WiSound Pa rig :bat

bout 70% of the custom rig being used which was clear as f**** last outdoor i threw

anyone in local area def needs to reach out and come
offshore supports and presses some of the best dnb producers who use renoise like asc

I’d come if I was in New York. Good luck!

entry fee would be $450,50 for me… (including flight ticket :P )