Ogg Sample Import: First Samples Are Missing


I tried to batch-convert samples from WAV to OGG using “Reapers” batch-converter
and re-import them into Renoise 2.1.

Reapers batch converter can really do a few useful things, but it seems that
the so produced OGGs can not be imported completely into Renoise, since
the first few samples are not shown in sample editor after import.

This could also be a Reaper-related problem (broken format), but maybe it’s
a Renoise problem ?


Can you upload a few example files for other people to examine?

I tried to re-create some files. Haven’t stored the old ones. Converted 16 bit mono and 24 bit stereo WAV to OGG. Now it seems to work

Can’t reproduce it with Windows 7 32 Bit, Renoise 2.1 and Reaper 3.161, which is a good thing.

But I forgot to mention that the problem happened on Windows 7 64 Bit with Reaper 3.14 64 bit.
Moreover it seems that there is a lot of work going on on Reapers batch converter, lately.
Maybe it’s no problem anymore ? Not sure.

OK. Well… I’ve sometimes experienced problems with MP3, for example. If you have a sample which is edited/trimmed very precisely, sometimes the conversion to MP3 can cause a tiny part of the sound to be removed unexpectedly, so you are missing some of the attack portion of the sample, or a little bit from the end.

Compressed audio formats like MP3 and OGG usually work by encoding the audio into frames/blocks of a certain size, and sometimes this frame size does not perfectly match up with the original audio file. So, depending on which encoder you use, you might find that some data gets lost. Usually it’s not a big deal to lose 0.01 seconds from the end of a pop song, but it can be a pain in the ass when working with single samples.

It could be something else though. So, I’ll try to check out any file you upload. :)

We can’t do anything here without example files, sorry. If you find some at any time, send them to us please.

Thanks for the nice explanation. The block oriented coding/decoding is a worthwile hint.
If I ever face the problem again (So far it seems to work. Absolutely no difference between WAV and OGG import in Renoise 2.1),
I’ll upload the files immediately. The chances are good, since I’ll work on the sample pack during this week.

Anyway what I can remember: the OGG imported into Reaper had different results compared to the Renoise import results.