Oh Man...please Help

yeah so i just got Renoise not too long ago…i have the basics down after toying around with the default instruments…but…how do i get more? id like to get them for free if possible.


Create your own, really simple…drag in some samples and generate drumkit in instr editor. You could also download the current and past beatbattle entries or songs from the song section and rip out instruments that you like.

how do i get the song into the program?

Go to the ‘disk op’ in renoise, browse to a folder where you have stored some songs, double click one and it’ll load. You can find some songfiles here : http://www.renoise.com/songs.php

awesome. thanks a lot! :yeah:

This question implies that you are in urgent need of going through renoise tutorials from the beginning. You will find the answer to all your questions.