OK I just upgraded my hard drive, tell me some good vsti and sample se

So I just upgraded my laptop’s harddrive from 100gb to 1tb :slight_smile: Now I no longer have to fight against running out of space.

I haven’t written any music in about 8 months :frowning: Gimme some ideas/inspiration, what are some good vstis or sample sets that might spark my creativity?

Also I got an Art USB Dual Pre which is turning out to be really nice… Hopefully gonna experiment with some live looping with my headset mic and Cajon


You could have a look at this thread https://forum.renoise.com/t/free-sample-sites/13880

After years of having 40GB+ of samples I decided to limit myself to the core of what I would normally use. For me this has worked out really well, because I know my samples inside out. Plus I`m challenged to make the sounds I want too.

I would highly recommend the Legowelt stuff and Rhythmn Lab (all free)