Ok - Real Noobie Noddy Question...

…and probably the first of many, so please be gentle ;)

Pattern Sequencer

I start off creating a simple bass drum 16 line pattern (pattern 0)

When I then add a pattern to create the next sequence (say, bass drum with snare), I click the “+” button (Insert new pattern instance), but the new pattern is above / behind pattern 0.

I intended this new pattern to build on the first (e.g. pattern 0 then pattern 1), therefore expected the new pattern to be inserted below pattern 0.

So now to play sequentially from pattern 0 to pattern 1, I have to move/paste the bass drum pattern into the newly created pattern (above original pattern 0) and then add the snare into original pattern 0

Does this make sense ?

Maybe it would be simpler just to create a load of empty patterns when starting a new song, then fill them ?

firstly, it really looks strange that the pattern is created up instead of below… anyway, instead of creating a new one and then pasting stuff into it, you could also click on the square representing the pattern to be copied (“0”), in order to select it, then rightclick and select “Clone selection”: this will create a new pattern “1” below “0” which will contain everything which “0” has.

personally, I prefer doing it using keyboard only:

  • LCTRL+F4 (copies pattern “0”)
  • LCTRL+Ins (appends another instance of “0” into the list)
  • LCTRL+right_arrow (the second “0” becomes a void “1” pattern)
  • LCTRL+F5 (pastes the copied data into “1”)

but I repeat: the new pattern should be created after the old one; maybe you are into some special case I can’t figure out at the moment?


Actually, I guess this is normal behaviour for “insert” command (the little “+” button), rather than “add” ?

If you “insert” line in xcel spreadsheet, it always goes above currently selected line.