Okay,i'm Really Lost...

hello everyone.i just purchased renoise 2 days ago so i’m a total new jack,so please bear with me. i come from an mpc2000 and cubase background,so i snapped up renoise,thinking it would be similar to the mpc in step edit mode(programing in numbers as opposed to painting in a grid).so i whipped up a decent glitchy beat pretty fast.loving the one screen interface.but alas,i’ve hit some problems that don’t want to be resolved by manual reading or forum searching.
so here’s the dilly.i’m running the newest alpha on a ibook g3-800.i can’t figure out how to save a song with the samples as one file.when i save a song,then reopen it the samples are gone and the pattern editor is full of stuff that wasn’t there before.
for example,i loaded on sample and made a simple high hat line on track one.saved it,and reloaded it.and now track 1,5,7,and the master track are all full of numbers that weren’t there before.Plus ,no sample. ;) so where have i strayed?am i just a total herb?
okay,one last issue.how in tarnation do you type in the pattern editor?i can use the keyboard or midi to enter notes.but i can’t type anything in the effect collumn.i’ll highlight a section and type a number and either nothing happens or it jumps around to diffrent sections of the pattern.i’ve tried shift,control,option,open apple plus a click.but i’ll be damned if anything happens.
hopefully someone can help this poor lad.i’m having such a blast with the vst automation.i just would love to be able to save some of the madness i’ve been whipping up.

The save-situation is probably a bug. See http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?act…05a17b9ddefd32f.
Effect columns should be working like note columns. You should be able to enter commands when the “Record mode” button is lit. Another bug?

thanks.so it is a bug.thought i was losing my mind.
i think i’ve figured out the effect entering problem.it seems you can’t just highlight(brown color) and type in a value.i have to double click to get a tan hightlight and use the arrrow keys to get to the proper collumn.i’m assuming the sometimes erratic highlight jumping is just a bug.thanks for the help uffe. :P
another question.the retrigger is just shorthand for typing in the note the next step down?it doesn’t trigger notes between steps,it just retriggers what ever note precedes it?so for a drill like snare sound,i have to program the beat at a high speed so the steps are like 1/96 notes?so retrigger isn’t a cheat to increase resolution?
thanks again

retrigger is a cheat to increase resolution:

if you look in the top left of the main screen you’ll notice that the song’s playback speed is controlled by 2 values. “speed” and “tempo”. “speed” is the number of frames or slices per line. so if your speed is 6 (default) and you put a

C-4 01 40 0E01  
C-4 01 40 ----  

into the pattern you will trigger the sample 7 times (once for every frame in the first line and then just once at the start of the second line.


C-4 01 40 0E03  
C-4 01 40 ----  

twice on the first line, once on the second


C-4 01 40 ----  
C-4 01 40 0E04  
C-4 01 40 0E03  
C-4 01 40 0E02  
C-4 01 40 0E01  
C-3 01 40 ----  

classic accelerating drill