Okey jetzt rauche - Reggae/Dancehall/Dub in swiss german

The last three months I started doing some weird reggae stuff with renoise. I program my beats track for track in renoise and sing over it. For me mixing and sound design and this stuff still feels very hard, but I’m having a lot of fun with renoise. Using a few vst’s. One is the kerovee auto tune vst.

Tips/Comments very appreciated :slight_smile: Ahh, lyrics are about having a smoke in stressed times … you also can hear a low whistle (irish folk instrument) somewhere in the middle of the song! :smiley:


I finished a new track! it’s a crazy absurd tune about hitting the bong in a crazy reggae style. For that tune i recorded the voice and the classical guitar with my new mic which is an Aston Spirit from the UK - I really fell in love with that mic. I also played around with the valhalla room plugin and the valhallla freq echo (thats for free on their website, very cool).

Hope someone likes that ^^ let me know if you have one “over-all”-tip for me like: "you have to improve … (mixing, frequencies, compression, eq, everything) :smiley:


my latest tune … this time I made everything in one night. I checked out four plugins: waldorf attack, helm (sinus bass), synth1 (off-beat) and maudio autopitch for the autotune effect. The other samples came from renoise. I really like the space piano :slight_smile:

The lyrics are about what have I done 2016, what kind of shit happened in 2016 an how we should feel next year … swiss german of course. Really like it somehow …