Old Competition Entry

Track I did a few months back for a competition on another site. Fully provided samples and Renoise native effects. had to use one of a handful of vocal samples and although I don’t feel I have really done the original justice (hence never posting it before) I didn’t like any of the other options and it’s been long since I put anything here I thought I would at least yet you have a listen if interested.

Pretty laid back and mellow. No mash-up glitchcore remix this (I’m afraid or not, who knows.)

[http://www.deaddogdisko.co.uk/Stuff/Kazakore - SJ Super Comp 2010 Chill Mix (Back2Life ReMix).mp3](http://www.deaddogdisko.co.uk/Stuff/Kazakore - SJ Super Comp 2010 Chill Mix (Back2Life ReMix).mp3)

Very minor changes since entry as did notice a couple of glaring mistakes on listening back after submitting so on the whole I guess you could consider it a WIP although I don’t expect to really take it further (unless I do a hardcore mix of it at some point.)

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Please everyone, never use the autostart (or autoplay) feature when embedding a player in a page. Really.

Thanks :)

Yeah i noticed, i turned it off but the changes weren’t applied until i reposted the media link. So it doesn’t play automatically now.
This is not something you can set by yourself and we won’t allow you to set it either :)

Agreed! It’s annoyed me about EatMe’s posts in the past.