Old Dog New Tricks

As I read through this forum I become increasingly jealous of those in the know. It’s got to the stage where I’m gonna need to to uninstall - I’m using one of those silly little EeePC’s which just just doesn’t cut it…resolution/processor etc. that and I just can’t get my head around trackers…oh and and I haven’t got the foggiest how to use use Linux. How do I uninstall?

I’m not giving up on Renoise 'cos it looks sick but I’m gonna migrate it to a machine that can actually handle it…just so you know. Cheers fellas.



for some reason, i know how you feel.
I have felt the same when leaving Impulse Tracker because of the limitations of new pc’s etc.

When i discovered Renoise, the world was save once again.
Happy as i still am I track music from day to day, from my desktop system.

And now i swear, that when Renoise would be available on an other platform then the pc, i’ll buy such a platform too.
For instance, when i need some kind of special soundcard for Renoise, i will buy it - no doubt.
Never am i gonna leave such a gem as Renoise.

Now for you… you should assemble some pc just for Renoise, because nowhere else in the world there is a tracker that match Renoise.
When you got a new job that pays much, and is great, you would not give it up just because it is far away? no! you’d buy a phat car to get there ;) :yeah:

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Or join me and we can rule the galaxy as father and son!

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  1. Have a look at In:Depth
    Lots of good info / tutorials / general awesomeness to help you get going.

  2. Download the SONGS from past competitions:
    Load them up, study them, re-arrange them, etc. The best way to learn.

Good luck.