Old grouch complains about lack of Renoise tutorials.

I’ve spent…wasted a lot of time recently watching god-awful Renoise “tutorial videos” on Youtube.

I’d like to see at least one properly made in-depth tutorial with a complete song walk-through showing all Renoise features, samples, chopping break-beats, instruments, Commands, FX, etc.

Even the official Renoise beginner’s tut with Duncan Disorderly :-), is ruined with bloody cheap screen capture software.

End Moan.

I think a tutorial that tried to include every feature would get overwhelming quite fast. But I’d like to see something that helped explain how to think about Renoise: basic song set-up, where to look for certain kinds of behavior, how to think about getting different effects.

Not necessarily, it could be a series of videos.

I understand, i’m re reading the manual and watching youtube vids also and watching some more advance ones… SO my Renoise tutorials are kind of scattered but I’m ok with it…

i think whats on youtube now is enough for start, " in-depth tutorial with a complete song walk-through" i guess better is cut your own way thru :) its more fun, and there is no “the one way” its like seeking tutorial how to use lego :D just build it hehe

You can stick pieces of Lego together all day and come up with nothing, that’s why Lego kits come with build instructions.

My son loves Lego, but now he has discovered Minecraft, which is very like Lego in fact, I think Lego dropped the ball on that one.

Anyhoo, Stampylognhead, a Minecraft guru, has 2 million subs and hundreds of videos on Youtube showing kids how to use/play it. Why?? It’s just sticking blocks together!!


I recently bought Renoise and have also spent quite a bit of time on yt watching tutorials, some good some bad. I think more official in depth Renoise tuts is a good idea.

I agree. Sites like groove3 and AskVideo would be expected to have a series on Renoise but they sadly don’t. AskVideo did one for Bitwig on release. That was nice. I bought Renoise about a year ago but put it away after a few weeks because I couldn’t really grasp it enough to get a workflow going. I’m attempting to have another stab at it now but I don’t learn well from reading manuals. I know my way around several other daws quite extensively and that was really helped a lot by video tutorials. Even when I think I know a software very well I still like to sit through an extensive video tutorial series to maybe pick up a couple of workflow tips and features I may have overlooked. There aren’t many useful ones on youtube from users either. It’s surprising and disappointing.

rtfm guy’s take some times to deconstruct some song on renoise try lots of things and you know more about renoise :unsure:

More or less. I’ve gradually figured out all sorts of cool things by hacking around. Every so often I need to do some serious Googling to see if something is possible or how this or that works.

The down side to this is the tendency to get a useful amount of knowledge and tricks and then just stick with them. I’ve been delaying switching to Renoise 3 because I’m in the middle of several pieces and do not want to have to start over (to some degree) learning how to do things I’ve come to rely on.

A problem I have with reading the manual is that it shows the mechanics of certain things but without enough context to give me a real understanding of why and when I would use something.

From time to time I need to make myself poke around and try out new features.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of knowledge required can be found in the user manual but some people learn far better from watching than reading. Harshly dismissing a need or desire for tutorial videos seems a little arrogant to me and I find responses like “rtfm” extremely obnoxious and unnecessary. The clear benefit of tutorial videos is listening to somebody experienced talk to you about the software and seeing practical examples on screen. This is why people take classes in things rather than just sit at home and read a book. Some of the responses in this topic are very disappointing. Tutorial videos are a very popular and common way to learn things these days and for good reason. It makes far more sense to simple acknowledge and respect this fact than arrogantly dismiss it.

Well , I broke down and bought ReNoise , coming from an audio/linear environment I feel very alien to ReNoise . Ive looked at the videos and am now looking at the manual , Its kind of fun and frustrating at the same time . But I guess it will be a constant learning process . Ive also inspected some of the demo songs and now Im toying with my own pattern , sounds pretty sucky at the moment . lolz

Help in old trackers was just awesome, you pressed F1 and all was explained on a big page. There are a lot of GUI areas that could provide context sensitive help in Renoise and once you know you can hit F1 you would get context sensitive help. I mean, e.g. you’ve added a slice marker and press F1 and get a page (that fullscreen it2 help page) that says “The slices have to be triggered by keys, Renoise automatically asigns them”. That would have been a lot faster for me then that misleading short status line on slices (Why does it say “trigger sample slice number xx or offset yy”? Probably some mode, but what mode?) and looking online.

But I’m ok with the decision of the supporters and developers to provide help in the forum (thanks vV!!) and that wiki.

ps: I know F1 is taken and there are tooltips…

If i can find some dedicated time to add some new tricks to my video section, i might add a new video once in a while. Though the past years have been quite work demanding, not to forget that the instable soundcard drivers were a constant demotivator. A good reminder to downgrade back to the 2009 version which at least did not locked down the whole of Windows.

720p on YouTube looks decent, and tutorials.renoise.com has HQ video downloads too?
(but why the HQ version is not linked on renoise.com I don’t know, should obviously be fixed)
Edit: fixed

A better question is why are there download links to the old, inferior and completely out of date version of the tutorial?

Because you apparently didn’t made new ones yet? :P

I took the liberty of adding the links from the tutorials website, but obviously didn’t check the content properly - only that they were valid links.
So, the link to the LearnRenoise channel is still up there but the download links have been taken down again - for now.

Btw: the new(er) video is divided into a few chapters, each one with a particular focus. We could cut it into smaller segments and replace the outdated ones with these newer ones? Not strictly speaking 3.0, but at least not talking about outdated pattern fx commands!

I meant the links were to the very first five year old tutorial. ^_^

Sounds like a good idea for now. I should be finished with the manual tonight, so I’ll cut up and re-render that video here for better quality and send out the parts asap.

Awesome (both to manual and video!)