Old House Stab

I have some time of and want to remake James brown is dead by LA style
same sound is here in the beginning of take me to the hospital by the prodigy the very first sound

The two sounds are not the same!

The ‘James Brown is dead’ sample is from a factory disk for the Roland S-330 sampler (system disk nr-2) and is a choir sample. The Prodigy sample is a wobbly string sample (possibly a Roland JX-8p). They do not sound even remotely the same! :blink:

Use a choir sample for the former and shit loads of chorus to a sampled string chord for the latter

The choir sound I have. It’s about the thing that comes in at 0:39 here

Yeah I think I read somewhere else that this is the tune the Prodigy sampled for Take Me to the Hospital.

I found it, doesn’t take much to make this, indeed asfu53box said, take a string chord add some chorus and you will get very close.
In my case I used a string chord preset from my Korg wavetable, made the attack almost tight and the release instant.
I used the build in chorus and added Renoise ‘shape’ distortion to spice it up a little.
a Renoise flanger over top of that to get that weird teeuuww or how you say it :)

thanks every one!

works also as the Climbatize string amazingly sorry, will leave this alone now, lets sink this for future sound seekers :)

well are we going to hear this remake or not ? :P

You mean this?

I might have a familiar sound as a sample somewhere on my old hard drive. If you’re interested.

oh, sorry, a bit late

i found that the lennardigital sylenth1 and the excellent DUNE vst are quite capable of making these kind of stabs!