Old Man And The Sea Dracula

I haven’t gotten better at finishing songs in a timely manner, but I feel like I’ve gotten better at production.
Some feedback would be awesome.

This really sounds different :) Like the melodies with the strings etc, now i think maybe u can make a chill out version too with beats 2x slower just for me :lol: :P No just saying maybe u can make the drums to work more with the other sounds, it feels maybe a little mechanic like that…the hat or cymbal thing stays the same volume and u can notice more i guess.

Your approach is different than most in that you are writing actual melodies. I think there is potential here. However, I think the arrangement could be vastly improved. I think the sounds you are using are harsh and unpleasant. You could get much better sounds with VSTs. I think the aggressive drum track is distracting and should be toned down. I suggest coming up with chords, basslines, and riffs to support your melodies instead of busy drums. You might want to check out Vangelis’ “Direct” album which is loaded with instrumental synth melodies to see how a master does it.