Old Memories In A New Jacket...

Remember this?

i have not an idea :D
but i Really like d title of your thread!!

Another World

i played this game alot. still do, havent figured it out yet…
im not really any good with games… :blink:

hint:Click the picture

you bastards, it was called out of this world in america

Yups, and it was called so to prevent confusion with the TV series “Another World”.
Ironically, at the same period “Out of this world” was released in the US, a Sitcom with the same title appeared on screen as well…

oh yeah, that soap opera … i actually used to watch that after school for like 6 months in high school… :lol:

of course there was also “a different world”, which was a black people comedy, it was pretty good too

edit: i have noticed that there is often a different name for the same game released both in europe and amerigo … i wonder why that is

Aaaand back to the game! :)

Almost tempted to pay for the thing, the price is JUST right! Might just do that tomorrow. :)

Yeah, that game rocked. I loved the intro :)

Duh, you can even write your own fancy audio tune for it as most of it are just 22Khz wave files.

Haha, what a teaser the demo is. :) Excuse me but where do you see the price?