Old Xm Mods

I was bored today (and poor) so I decided to dig out my box filled with old computer-stuff to see if I can sell some of it. Amongst all the gems I dug out my old laptop (if you still want to call it that) from 1997 that I used, and abused, all the years through college. No, I’m not going to try to sell you that one. But back then it was not quite the sh*t, but not too shabby either. It has a whooping 1.38Gb harddrive(!!) and 32Mb of RAM. Windows 95 actually loads in just a matter seconds. The screen has a horrible update-rate though, if anything moves faster than 1 cm/minute it gets all blurry. Man, I was the king of the dorm with that puppy.

I started it up and right there in the middle of the screen I see an icon for Fasttracker 2. I click it thinking that this will probably not work, but it actually does! I’m in memorylane-heaven! I had so many songs that I had either downloaded, ripped, or made myself on there. Took a while to listen through all of them. So many memories brought back to life. I realized that I’ve gone lazy arranging songs today. I did some complex melodic twists in my songs back then. Sad…

… anyway…

Two XM-songs stood out (apart from my own ofcourse ahem) from the crowd. Well, more like two musicians. I probably didn’t think about it back then, I guess I just liked them so I saved them.

The first one was made back in 1994 called No Good Remix by Keith 303. Wow, I have a 18-year old mod by the Keith himself! I had no idea who you were back then (not that I know much now either), but I think it’s a small world you’re on Renoise today. It’s a remix of Prodigy’s No Good. You were already good back then, dude, already back then.

The other one, made in 1995, was Esteem by Mick Rippon. I thought I learned about him/you when I got into Renoise, but apparently I have heard about you waaaay earlier. Hearing the song now I didn’t remember it at all (sorry), but it’s a real good mellow song. Totaly Rippon-style!

So, if anyone wants to buy an Amiga 500 with a billions of floppies and 2 joysticks. Let me know! ;)