Oldskool Trackers: Your favorite song that *you* have ever written?

I logged into a little used domain that I have, and found a bunch of old songs. I have to admit that I don’t even have copies of probably… 75% of the songs that I’ve written. Which is weird, you’d think I’d treasure them in my own way, but I guess I didn’t!

I was listening to some of my old stuff and realized that I’m nostalgic about some of the old songs that I do have (thankfully I have some of them!). I am curious of any of you oldskool trackers have one work that you think stands above any others you’ve ever done? It could be in Renoise, or Fast Tracker, Impulse Tracker, or whatever.

I’ll start. My favorite work was a song I did in impulse tracker. The file date on my server is 2006, but maybe it was from before that. I don’t have the file anymore, only the MP3. I made it when the first version of that software synth came out that when you hit TAB you saw the back of the virtual gear with a bunch of patch cords flapping around. I can’t remember what that is called. I did the main hook and strings with that and everything else in Impulse Tracker.


It’s funny. Renoise is so much better than impulse tracker ever was… and my music just isn’t what it used to be! Then again, maybe that has something to do with being in my 30’s and… well… just busy! :) Anyways, just curious if anyone else is nostalgic about their own “classics”? :)

One i did back in 1998 i think, was called “Hawkwind” which was released on a musicdisk that didn’t get much attention… Done with Impulse Tracker but using S3M format.

S3M http://www.deimos.ca/tracks/hawkwind.s3m
MP3 http://www.deimos.ca/tracks/hawkwind.mp3

Listening to it again, the bass somehow reminds me of Gradius III (the one on snes)

hektic: listening to your tune right now, nice one!


delt - nice ambience! I remember back in the scream tracker days wondering so desperately how people got those amazing sounding pads/strings. Not easy to do when all you have to work with is 64k! (Or was it 68k per sample… I cant remember anymore).

Very atmospheric, but I feel like the bass drum is panned harder to the left. Then again, I’m sitting closer to my left speaker… so maybe that’s it. :)

PS, never played Gradius III. Guessing that’s a scrolling shooter? Here is actually a really good question. Going back to the scream tracker days, which I think I originally got off a local bulletin board. Where did samples come from before the internet (became common for folks to have access?!?

PS conner_bw: I think my favorite song of yours is the eye of the tiger remix. Or maybe I’m getting it confused with the Andrew WK remix. I’m not sure… but I really liked the one that I’m thinking of. Do you still have a copy of that?

You either made them yourself, or pulled them from Amiga disks.
On Amiga folks just bought an 8-bit sampler and simply ripped them from CD’s or elsewhere. (That’s how i did it anyway)
On the PC, next to the soundblaster (clones) you had the favorite Gravis Ultrasound which came with an own set of pretty good sound-patches. If you had a soundblaster with OPL chip, you could always create your own OPL sounds in Screamtracker 3. (Which i also did)