Omfg... I Am On Itunes

It is a kinda cool feeling I must say… :rolleyes:

well, as long as you’re happy

the guy left his parents house, broke up with his old girlfriend, got into drug addiction,
worked for years at shitty jobs parttime to have time for music , sold his car for equipment ,
did not sleep for the last 5 years and this is what you get for all the hard times and work:
“well, as long you’re happy”.

well, I gived up music today .

Amok, sounds great , good luck!

Lol… :lol:

It is not that big thing because there is a german site called where you can sell your tracks for free. If you pay 39,- € (like me) they send 1 or 2 tracks up to 300 download shops. There is no guarantee that they publish your tracks but at least iTunes seems to publish everything. So, no big deal but a nice feeling… ;)

But thank you very much anyways, CLAPZ :)

Edit: Link to english audiomagnet:

Wow. Congrats! I’ve been looking into all of this kind of stuff atm and from what I have read so far, CDBaby and Tunecore are the generally suggested avenues for independents so it’s great to know of another one

Question: was it just by chance that two of your tracks ended up on iTunes or did someone (who?) make a decision as to what appeared?


The tracks were sent to these portals:

Every portal decides on its own if the track will be released or not. It takes some weeks until the tracks are released. I discovered my tracks on iTunes and yesterday. Dont know if there will follow some other shops too…

Nice one! Many thanks for the info

Here’s hoping to your success! :walkman:

You are very welcome :)

Yeah… On Napster aswell: \o/

Edit: And on \o/

Edit2: And on Amazon:�M�Z��&url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=Andreas+Janke \o/


How do you actually receive your £$€cash? I understand how much you can earn per track etc; do you provide bank account details when you sign up? I assume that you also have to pay VAT for your country of residence :(

{btw, your link to napster does not work}

I provided my bank account details on But i have no clue how much I earn per track since i guess the the shop + audiomagnet will take a bit away from every download. I even dont know how much downloads i have sold nor if I even sold 1 copy at all. I sent a mail to the audiomagnet admins regarding to that issue but got no reply until now. Maybe they dont work at weekend. :rolleyes:

In the meantime i found my releases on 7 portals and this is really exciting… :panic:

You guess? That is something you should have read before you submitted your stuff…
However their legal stuff is in German and that’s not really a cool thing as they seem to represent the english part of the site:

Yo. But it seems to be pretty fair. The downloadshop gets 15% and audiomagnet 0%.

And another thing: the whole thing is pure experimental. I made these tracks some month ago, had them and some other tracks on audiomagnet for some weeks without selling 1 copy and decided to invest 39 Euro just for fun and to see what happens. Actually I still think that these tracks are way too bad to be released commercially and I am pretty surprised that they are accepted by some big mp3 shops. I just did not make up my mind about any legal things and I still not do because that is just all for fun.


Fair or not, i rather read this first and not really for how much the publisher would deduct from the income, what is more important: what they desire on area of exclusive rights.
As far as i read, they don’t claim exclusive rights though so you’re lucky there.

If they claim exclusive rights, you are usually no longer free to do whatever you want to do with your work that you supplied to them, this includes publishing yourself. That might get you into trouble if you don’t know that, release your same stuff elsewhere and then get fined by them for breaking terms and conditions of the contract.
What you then started purely for fun ends up pretty sour in that case.

The only right audiomagnet has is the right to send the tracks to various download shops. All copyrights and so on stay completely on my side, so i still can do whatever i want with the material.

But I agree with you. I should have thought about these things BEFORE I published the tracks on audiomagnet. But it seems I am a lucky bastard, at least in this case… :lol:

That is probably because you dont have a napster membership… ;)

At least on junudownload the ep must have been sold 1 or 2 times because i am on chart position 220 from 348 new entries in the last week in progressive house genre:

congrats, must feel nice² !

Well, you definitely deserves it! I remember you from the MadTracker community and I still listen to your stuff. WTFIT (did that get another name?) is one of my favourites and it’s one of the songs that got me through my super boring summer job :)

Thanks man. I remember you aswell. You were involved into that chainsong thingie on MT2 forum, right?

WTFIT got another name but i dont remember since i deleted it from all sites. Maybe it is time for a remix of that track? :drummer:

Now available in Iceland as well: :lol: