Omfg... I Am On Itunes

Almost 1 year later there are a few tracks out now :)


Most succesful is Sonar Empire. The track in my signature… :guitar:

Finding your tracks on itunes is great news! Congratulations! I remember the celebration I had in my head when i saw one of my tracks that was remixed by Jonas the plug expert on spotify. I told all of my buddies and a couple strangers. It never fails to humor me that 98 percent of the people I know have no idea at all that I’m an internationally renowned superstar on the Internet.

Thank you :) And exactly the same situation here… :D People even tend to look a bit worried about me if I am telling that I have some releases on itunes. I bet they think: “What a poor guy he is. He needs to tell shit to make himself a bit more interesting…”… ;)

that is an accurate description of my life. except the car. never had a car.

Get one from the dump and sell it for cash, makes you at least successful in one thing.

So, now, one year later. Did you earn those 39 euro’s back?

Almost 39 euro’s :) But i booked a power-promo on for 16,50 euro’s as well. So point even will be reached in summer 2012 in the best case… ;)

Hehehe that’s fun :) BTW can’t connect to your website.