Omnisphere 7 - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence style

This isn’t finished yet, still a few more minutes to add.

Really cool man. Very organic sounding.

Thanks very much!

I’m still working on it, can’t seem to get round to finishing any of my songs.

Ryuchi Sakamoto style, but frankly it is quite Oriental generic. I’m quite fond of the style myself.
I can drown on the sounds of The Last Emperor (Also from Ryuchi Sakamoto)

I miss an Erhu though… But i can add and render an Erhu (or Matouqin) stem for your piece if you desire.

Yes, please add an Erhu part if you wish!

I didn’t intentionally make this Oriental, it’s just whatever came into my head with the presets I was auditioning in Omnisphere, now that I listen to it, I suppose it is very Oriental!

I’ve updated it with Vv’s ‘Erhu stem’ wav that he kindly sent me- you can hear it at 1:10ish in the new version. (The rest of the song is the same, sorry.)