Omnisphere Vst Does Not Render


Omnisphere does load in renosie and I can play notes and use the midi effects etc, but when I render my audio the Omnisphere patterns are missing! I don’t have this problem with other VSTI’s… I tested every render option (fast, slow, compatibilty) without luck.

I also tested Omnisphere in Ableton, which works fine…

any ideas?

Omnisphere version 1.3.1c
Renoise version 2.5.1




I found out that Omnisphere does render in renoise, but it always skips the first note played, any idea how to solve this? It’s pretty annoying

I noticed the same thing: the first not is not rendered!
I am using Renoise 2.8.1 on Linux.

Some plugins have buffer problems. Just use a small 4 or 8 line first pattern where you silently trigger the plugin and then let the song start for real from th second pattern.