On Linux the audio is panned to the right

After a long time I’m trying to use again Renoise on Linux. I didn’t follow any particular instructions, just installed it, so I don’t have a real time kernel and not even Jack. Anyway, aside complaining about real time, it works. The problem is that I noticed that the audio is played mostly on the right channel. I tried with different songs, so it’s not that I set some pan effect or anything. It happens the same even on a newly created xrns and even for a single sample. Looking at the phase meter, every time a note is played I can see the cursor going all the way to the right.

I have Ubuntu 12.10 installed on an Asus U36S, and this is the default soundcard I’m using:

lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio"  
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05)  
 Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device 1ba3  
 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 48  
 Memory at df000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable)   
 Capabilities: <access denied><br>
	Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel<br>
	Kernel modules: snd-hda-intel<br>```

Any ideas?</access>

Did you check your system mixer settings? I had something similar once, where I
forgot I had the PCM or Master channel in the alsamixer panned a bit to the left.

Does it happen with other audio programs too? (mp3 player, youtube…)

Also, did you wash your right ear? I had a problem once, i didn’t know why but for months my audio was… just kidding :D

How’s that Asus, other than the ear…uh i mean panning problem? :D :D

Ok, thanks for the interest and the answers. I didn’t really understand what was the problem but apparently it disappeared (I think after the reboot). Don’t know if I can reproduce it, in case I’ll keep you updated.

About the Asus: in general I’m quite happy with it, but I mostly use it to work. The experience with Renoise was not really that good. Maybe it’s my fault, but I often have cpu overloads and I always have problems with the intel soundcard. Neither in windows nor in Linux I can have Renoise playing together with youtube or any other player. Maybe it’s a normal behavior, not sure, but it’s quite annoying.
It also tends to heat up a lot, often.

Luckily my ears are fine and I keep them clean. You should too. And don’t forget to brush your teeth too ;)

you can archieve that in linux quite easily if you use jack server for audio output in renoise. in ubuntu all you should have to do is install pulseaudio-module-jack package. that makes pulseaudio which is the standard sound server in ubuntu output to jack server.

And remember, to disable jack support, use --jackoff on the command line :D

You just wanted to say that didn’t you?