On/off Native Renoise Effect With Midi-keyboard

Ok, maybe stupid question, but…
Сan I switch on/off native renoise effects (flanger, chorus, etc) with using MIDI-keyboard
or I must find analogic VST-plugins with option “on/off” for MIDI-mapping?
It’s need for live performance. (I like rotating native flanger’s “feedback” and “delay”, it’s so fun :) )

you can use effect commands for that

That’s not really useful in live situations.

I don’t think that there is a way at the moment to do this. Activate midi mapping and see if you could control the dry/wet mix of the effect if there is one (I can’t remember exactly what’s what at the moment).


renoise 2.1 doesn’t have a proper way to handle that yet.

basicly you’d have to use midimapping … view -> MIDI mapping.

read it up :)

You can’t MIDI Map to on/off and currently the built in DSPs have no Wet/Dry mix for some reason so no it’s not currently possible. Many of us hope they will solve this though.

You could set up a workaround using send-tracks… you’d need a sendtrack for every freaking DSP though… You CAN midi-map a send-device, rite…?

It’s been suggested before, but it can’t hurt to repeat it: it would be really cool if ALL fx, wether internal or VST, would have dry/wet/left/right/phase/whatnot controls… basically “just” putting a container around them, and then making that ever more powerful and slick to use… something that would be compatible with / use for future “proper routing”…

Did almost suggest that then I thought it would be a total pain if you want much freedom. Imagine you have 8 different effects and you wan to be able to have any combination of them switched on, or you are starting fairly dry and dirtying up the signal with progressively adding effect. Now with something fairly conservative like 8 different effects you are already talking about using 64 send channels to have every combination, thus 64 different MIDI controls required, all for what should be achievable with 8 buttons. of course it’s unlikely you’re going to want every permutation so the real world number of sends is likely to be substantially smaller but still likely to be bigger than if you could map on/off or there was wet/dry mix control.

Yes, thanks!