One Effect On Multiple Tracks

How to assign one effect to multiple tracks?

P.S. great program! keep it up.

Send tracks!
Just put a #send device on the tracks you want the effect to be on and assign it to S01 (sendtrack 1) (its next to the master track)
Then just put the effect you want on all the tracks on the sendtrack and thats it!

If you want to add more send tracks, right click on the master track and insert track. (I’ve been looking for that way to long :expressionless: )

I guess you could do this by sending those tracks to a send channel/track and put an effect on the send track.
Use the Send device to do this. (in track dps)
Edit:td6d beat me to it, my post basicly says the same…

I figure it out. :) Thank you both for replyes!