One Instrument, Different Tracks

I bought myself an electric drum set and I’m building a live setup where each instrument is a drumkit, and they change on the fly as I progress from pattern to pattern.

But I need a bit of routing here, like, run cymbals through reverb, snare thru comp etc. While I’ll be triggering one particular instrument at a time, and I can’t (obviously) trigger samples within different instruments (or can I?) I need to somehow route the samples trough different tracks.

Does anybody know if this is somehow achievable? Maybe through tools etc?

You can split them up after recording through Tools, as they don’t work realtime you can’t do it while playing though.

Currently, as far as I know, you can’t have Renoise send different (sample) slot of the same instrument to different tracks when playing live. Recently there was a change when you can tie a MIDI device to a instrument and track so if there was some way to get each pad play on a different MIDI channel you may be able to botch something that way… Otherwise hope Renoise introduces some kind of Performance mode or similar in the near future.

(Note I haven’t actually tested these new MIDI tools as haven’t got the gear, or at least not any set-up, so can’t give overly helpful pointers in actually setting it up.)

You would have to split your drumkits up even further if you want each sample to end up in a different track / effect.

By splitting up, I mean put them in separate instruments. Then, “Instrument settings > MIDI Input > Assign to track/Channel” are your friends :slight_smile:

no, that would make it almost impossible to switch instruments on the go. In live situation I need Renoise to switch to instrument X as soon as pattern Y begins to play (which I can arrange by ‘capturing’ instrument). But, this is only possible if I use just one instrument at a time, not many.

Well, I’m obviously not aware of how your drumkit works, but if you are able to specify the channel per drum, then you should also be able to setup “an instrument per channel” using the instrument settings?

yeah, I can, but as I said, the main trick is to be able to switch it on the fly.
Suppose I assign ‘kick’ to ch1, ‘snare’ to ch2 - in total 10 channels. Okay, I assign them to 10 instruments. I play them, everything’s fine, but for, say, song that begins with pattern 1F I need another drumkit! Which means, what, another 10 instruments?
While it’s easy to switch a single instrument with one step, how do I switch 10 instruments at once?

see, I need entire set in one XRNS song, cuz I will not stop to load another project, it must be a seamless process.

It would be WAY better if I could assign samples (within any instrument) to specific tracks. Like, say, I there’s a track for kick drums, another one for all cymbals. And whichever instrument I play, my sample category is always processed through its respective track.

Could MIDI Yoke or other similar external tool maybe do the job?

One solution may be to have each MIDI Drum on it’s own channel (if possible) but all playing the same Note.

Now you set up your Instruments so Ins01 has X different Kicks, Ins02 has X different Snares, Ins03 has X different closed hats etc etc.

The you translate the actual note playing to the note required for the kit you want at each change.

In fact doesn’t Renoise do transposing of input based on the Keyboard Octave setting? (Something I’ve never understood as MIDI defines exactly what note and octave a note number should be.) But if it does you could set them all an octave apart and have eight different kits sorted without having to use an external tool.

But it does come down to being able to set your MIDI drums to different channels…