One Key For Both

Hi there, is it possible to assign ‘Play From Cursor’ and ‘Stop’ to only one key?

Pause/Continue should do similar?

Yes, but it continues where the pattern stopped instead of where the cursor was placed.

I see, in which case I have to answer I am unsure. If not, it would be a worthy addition.

Maybe someone else can enlighten here?

this could be done using the script feature:

Renoise scripting API gives you the ability to play the song from a specific line and to stop it:  

also, it can tell you if the song is already playing:  
 -> [boolean]  

you can create a script with a single function which stops the song if it is playing, otherwise plays it from the current line. then, you can bind the function to a new shortcut.

Renoise installation has a “Scripts” subfolder which has Documentation and Tools. In the second folder, there is also an example tool: open main.lua and look for “key bindings” to have an example of how binding a function to a shortcut:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Global:Tools:Example Script Shortcut" --<<< this is the path of your shortcut in the application menu,  
 invoke = function()  
 play_or_stop() --<<<this is the name of your function></this> end