One more alternative track

Hello all.

Some of you may be aware of the current situation in my country (Ukraine).
It’s hard to see all the horrible things on youtube and it’s way harder to know that all this sh#t is happening right there in your fatherland, right outside your window. At some point you just realize that you can’t stand aside no more…

So where were we? Right! The new track. Sorry about all this politics sh#t.

This sounds pretty damn good, specially if you did all the crafting in Renoise.

Thanks vV.
Yes, this track is totally made with Renoise 3.0b6.

Totally made in Renoise? You mean the mixing? Sounds nice, no question. But you never made the guitar playing “totally with Renoise 3.0b6”… eh?

Well. I mean that I did not use any other DAW to write, record and mix this track. The guitar was recorded directly to Renoise samples with which the song was built. Drums are written note-by-note with Addictive Drums VSTi.

i agree
a sampler … can play samples, whatever we feed them is up to the composer (= us, init)

but while we are nitpickin’ : what about calling “songs” where noone is “singing” anyway LOL

@Alex Blackout: well done! it’s refreshing to hear something else than the mandatory chiptunes or teh more or less felicitous “electronica” ehrm … clash

goes to show the versatility of renoise and the potential freedom in its application

Thanks for the good words. It’s always very interesting to hear the opinion of the “electronic” people. All my friends are calling me a “nutz” and “geek” because I am writing my compositions and songs in Renoise… But I think it’s all about habits. I can’t imagine myself using that terrible thing called… urgh… piano roll :D

Rock it! :yeah:

This is cool, how did you get those guitar sounds? Did you record an amp? No VSTs like Guitar Rig or anything?
I struggle to make nice guitar sound, so any tips is great. My guitar sounds kinda dead. I’m planning to make a shorter cable and build a small preamp, maybe it will help some, my Ibanez Blazer shouldn’t sound dull.

Thanks for the reply.
Usually I use real amp with mic or Amplitube3.

When using Amplitube my main method to get the cool sound is to not use those dumb presets as is.
When I find a preset that sounds nice for me I tweak EQ for a little (if needed) and start recording guitarz into Renoise. But I ALWAYS record only one channel (Left by default). Only Mono!
Then I play the same part twice or four times. This way I get a double(quadro)-track guitar so I get as much flexibility ad I need.

Can you provide a demo of the “dead sound” you have?

Not my style of music, but I like :drummer:

Sounds like the way i used Guitar Rig earlier, i stopped using it because i never paid for it though. I’m considering to buy it, but i’m not going to pirate it anymore. Both Amplitude 3 and Guitar Rig 5 claims to be the ultimate world leading stuff, but which one is the better?
I want to make the sound in native Renoise, but i’m not really shure it’s letting me get the sound i want.

My guitar sounds better now with this preamp:
The circuit is super easy to make on a strip board and it sounds surprisingly good. :walkman:

I used to play with distortion, cabinet and EQ plugins in renoise to get the “roar”. It was close to that Amplitube offers but still “just close enough”. It is 100 times faster and easier to use external vst’s like GRT, GuitarRig or Amplitube. These software packages are not only emulate the disortion circuits but also the room impulses, microphone position etc.

As for which is better. Its only up to you and your needs. Two years ago I was using GuitarRig, now I don’t even have it installed - using Amplitube :)
Also the Vandal VST sounds pretty good for me. Sometimes I’m using it.
Btw theres a free version of Amplitube called “Custom Shop”. I think you may give it a try :)

Alex. As I’ve said before - awesome track. Very much it is pleasant to me as the powerful guitar pressure and melody of breakdown is combined at you. :guitar:

P.S. Когда уже замутим совместный трек?! Я таки жду твоих набросков :drummer: :unsure:

Thanks for the good words :) I also noticed that my tracks always have melodic breakdown or melodic core no matter how heavy they are. It’s just me and my style :)

P.S: Замутим обязательно. Вполне вероятно, уже в обозримом будущем ;)