one more little one...

how about “freeze” button? the button which totally stop all processing, and open sound device. for example use right button click on minize button, stops all stuff and minize to system tray.

why dont you simply quit Renoise if you want to free up all resources ?

coz renoise eat a lot of cpu on load, it disconnect my dialup shit-connection because of cpu overload. it’s just one example, aslo sometimes it need to open up the sound device, because some editors (like sound forge) doens’t support directsound, and don’t want to play until the sound device open. it’s very usefull, trust me :)

Zed got my vote for that :)
I’m kinda tired of changing from ASIO <–> Directsound all the time. Would make a happy person even more happy if you could do that with just one shortcut key :rolleyes: I multitask a lot between cool edit and renoise. Still missing that windows clipboard too B)


yes, and please also free midi ports with that toggle…