One Octave Pitch Slide Up/down Is Oc Right

Just been buzzy with sliding up pitches ( pitch slide up/down command )à and allthat …and if my ears are not fooling me it seems that a semitone is a value of 01 …;thus a whole octave to slide up/down is …0c right ? ( a decimal value of 12 ~=12 semitones )
So why does the manual says something different ???

Ahh i just forget that since renoise 2.0 you can actually set the the ticks per line in the song settings ( where i prefer to choose 12 …)I know they have effect on the retrigger commands etc, but how come this has any effect on the pitch slide commands ?

One note is up/down is 0X10, so one octave is twelve notes, is C0… I think…

They should not, unless you are working on an old song that has not been upgraded yet…
If your song has not been upgraded, Renoise runs in compatibility mode and everything that is attached to this mode behaves so, this matters for pattern effects as well. (which behaved different before the manual was adapted to the new behavior)