One Renoise Midi Instrument, Two Midiports?

Hi, how would I go about using a single Renoise Midi Instrument to send midinotes to two different Midi ports? :)

You may have to use another software that let’s you do that and loop it back into renoise.
I’m used to doing things manually so i’d use max/msp or puredata.

Let’s hope in the future we get MIDI routing support in renoise alongside full audio routing.

Are you on a Mac still Esa?
remember mac has that built in IAC MIDI driver, run the app “Audio MIDI setup”. May be able to do something in there

edit: whoa cool

Midi routing support inside Renoise would be lush.
I’m still on an OSX machine and am not going to switch to any other OS :)
I’ve got 3 IAC Midi drivers configured (virtual midi cables) between softwares… I’ll see if there’s some magic IAC Aggregate device :)

Thank you, this is the solution up until Renoise will be able to handle stuff like this. I’ve tested the Midi Patchbay app you linked and can now send midinotes to two different midiports, even if they are physically in different devices. Had to close Renoise a few times during the configuration process tho, but that’s a non-issue…