One Sample Bank For Several Song's Versions

I often make several versions of a song (new tests, new parametters, etc…)
And when i save them, of course it saves all the sample bank another time and another time etc etc… (80mo+80mo+80mo…)

What about an option “save as v1.1” where only the notes and the parametters would be saved?

When you will open your song, you will have the choice between v1.0, v1.1, v1.2 etc etc

I would love it to compare renders and other options with hard drive space’s gain ;)

as I see it, it should be done using a “save samples path only”; I’ve requested such a feature ages ago, borrowing it from Startrekker on Amiga, which let you save the module without saving the samples.

of course, the drawback would be that if you change the position of a sample, you will receive an error when loading. an advanced solution should let you search for the missing sample (like in Kontakt)

If i change too much my track i should do as “normal” save as.

I would uses this when i m writting different notes on a part (to find the most funky one) or simply when i change compressions or vst used… all what you can do without modifing your sample bank

You may be interested in this idea mat-weasel:

I’d agree with the idea you’ve brought up, except for the fact that if you change a sample in one version, you change it for all the versions. I know my idea would do this too, but at least it would keep track of all your revisions so you could decide which version you wanted to listen to at any point. Every revision you made would be saved ;)

Yes Byte! You thought longer time than me on the subject :) it s really cool way also

Hehey! That’s an interesting idea.

What if there’s an option to convert a song into a project. Projects would be unzipped, have a seperate directory for all the files and allow multiple songs using the same instrument set.

CVS for a renoise song is totally overkill, but I wouldn’t mind having it :)

Nice idea.
Save Version of songs could just save the pattern data but keep the project samples/instruments in the same file.

Also, Renoise needs to render all samples everytime you save your song, even if you didn’t change them.
This isn’t a problem for chiptune artists, but for those who have around 150Mb of sampledata (me) it could be tiresome.

Wouldn’t it be great if Renoise could just save the Edited/Altered samples when you save your song (overwrite).

Oh yes!!! when it autosaves every 10 mn it s really painfull with 150mo samples!!!

oh my god, i can only imagine what that would be like.
I wouldn’t dream of having autosaving on while working on my music.

It takes approx, 10 seconds for a 150Mb song to save (overwrite) even if i didn’t change any samples.
Imagine that pause in the middle of a hasty melody composition or live recording session.

An (renoise looks for edited sounds and saves those, instead of all of them !when overwriting a song!) feature would be nice indeed.

I would also like to add that Renoise slows down DRAMATICLY when it is faced with alot of pattern data (note input/volume/effect). Even if you have 0 Instruments.
I did an Animation in renoise, drawing stuff in the pattern editor and animating by adding new patterns, and i noticed it takes ALOT of time to save a song that has 0 instruments.