One Shot Samples. How is it done?

I just thought I would try drawing a sample in the sample editor. But it loops. There doesn’t appear to be any toggle for One Shot or Loop mode. I have used the mouseover tooltip feature to look for anything that would indicate that it would toggle between oneshot and loop, but I have found nothing like that in the sample editor panel. It would be nice if it was near the loop-type dropdown menu, since pingpong, forward, etc, relate to the concept of looping. a loop/oneshot button next to that would have stopped me from asking this question.

If you want one-shot for the sample, open the sample properties panel and click the One-Shot button.

In a way, you could argue that the sample loop option should be located in the sample properties, too.

One-shot is not the same as “not looped”, though. I’m sure you know that, but just to clarify:

It means that the sample will continue playing to the end, even if you release the key.

And “continue playing to the end” of course then entails that the sample isn’t looped to begin with - but you should notice this, as there will be a message written across the waveform once One-Shot is enabled (the message happens to be situated just above the loop options, btw.).

PS: manually created samples will be looped by default, since that’s usually what you would want them to.


Off means it’s not looping, so it’s pretty close to the drop down menu. :stuck_out_tongue:

dont know how i missed that. I guess I was looking for a toggle switch. I don’t associate the word ‘forward’ as the loop state. in my mind, i was looking for

  1. looping yes or no (maybe represented by a glowing icon)

  2. type of looping

in otherwords, ‘looping? yes or no’ is not exactly a type, but a category, which is above the type of looping.

I am not saying i’m not stupid, just that the luck plane is bumpy for me with Renoise. See, the thing is, I try to use Renoise, learn stuff, then hit a wall, then leave. Then I come back remembering how cool it is, but then hit a wall caused by forgetting what I learned the last time.