One Shot

hello everybody, just one question…

Is there a option for heard a long sample at the start from the end when i just quickly my drumpad ?
Cause when i don’t press my pad the song stop.


That’s a cool idea if it’s not already a feature. I’ll let someone else answer as I don’t know.

Also, it would be nice if mashing the numpad could be recordable.

not a bad idea, looks like a great ghetto-mpc to me. :)

Edit/Settings/Midi has an option called “record noteoffs” you can deselect, this should get rid of the note-off-command which cut the sample as soon as you let go of the drumpad. But this could lead to a problem while acutally editing a drumtrack (in chordmode it will surely add alot of new note-columns because you technically never switch your note off). not sure about this though, try around.

You can also just set an envelope (@instrument settings window) to full volume:

This way the sample plays till it ends no matter how long you press the key.

but not for a vsti.

Of course. MIDI doesn’t provide a way for sending envelopes except for automation. ^^
Envelopes for VSTis should be handled inside them.