One Waveform

Hey guys,

I was bored so came up with this little tune, it demonstrates the awesome power of the effects in renoise.
Perhaps it can help some others who are just starting in renoise understand the effects chain.


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Nice one! Good work, maybe this can be added to the tutorial songs?

Ye nice indeed, just noticed one small thingy.

The hats sounds more like hats if you:

switch Lo-Fi effect to 3 bit and smooth it
sets the quality around 12%
adds some noise.

That tune is very neat, but i immeadiately recognized, that the hats arent hats :P

€: talking about the 1st Lo-Fi effent not the 2nd ;)

This is a nice tiny 1-waveform song… I also recommend Gilli’s “4 SAWS” for evoke 07 to be in the nomination-list for renoise demo songs, it’s brilliant.

Where can I find that 4 saws track?…c=13668&hl=

Having registered for 1.97 I’ve been playing with the effects again today.
This time a 1 saw wave tune, I’m going to try and make some hihats and snares tonight to drop in.

1 Saw

Nice try engineer! :) Keep up the good work…

custard, nizeeeeee…

renoise devs, attention! this one is next demo track. please?

edit: sorry for being a smart ass but its actually 2 waveforms, left % right…now, convert your sample to MONO and then it is 1 waveform…cheers!


It was also nominated on the devs forum to be added as a tutorial song.
I believe Taktik is still awaiting Gilli’s permission for adding that one to the list.

What a question, I’d be glad about it :)

@custard: Nice thing, hey!
@Ashy: Thaaanks for the support once again ;)

So… It’s Done!? :w00t:

Ur welcome buddy ;) It is really excellent, I think it must be a renoise tutorial, it’s a tiny art-work that teaches a lot.

Nice one!

Here’s my go at that… [one sine](^f~f^lala Piepsmusik Bee+Bob+2.xrns~pt^lala__) ([mp3](^f~f^lala__Piepsmusik Bee+Bob+2.mp3~pt^lala )).

(just noticed that the bass is much too loud (headphone producer syndrome haha), I will fix that a bit - but it doesn’t really matter does it? :lol:)

404: File Not Found :huh:

Oops sorry, it should work now :)

Hey this sounds like the music in Swarm Racer

says it was done with milkytracker though by Vincenzo

nice lala, johann. :)
btw, now I got it right - you’re the new johann with double-n ;)

Thanks, cheerful of the Lala! :) And yesness, I am Johan+1 ^_^