Online hosted VSTs

I’d like to know if is possible to host online VSTs for a project.
What I mean?

Imagine not the VSTs are really saved, but the URLs where they are located.
So if you’re open the project, the needed VSTs will be downloaded.

Is this possible?

If not, I’d like to integrate this feature.

I think it should be possible somehow…

if still suggested, please ignore or remove this post.
Otherwise I’d like to know if there is a possibility to do this in lua script for example.

EDIT: This would also be interesting for online Samples / Instruments.


The reason that it isn’t even being considered is the same reason the Renoise Song section has been taken down:
That was a place where everybody could post links to rns files and their mp3 output. Over the years, loads of links turned dead and not every contributor maintained their own links.
There is nothing wrong posting a link to your own XRNS and simply adding URLs to the free VST’s used in there if so here in the song forum, but there are far more extra complications then just links that expire. (new versions that sound different or new versions that are no longer free, old 32-bit plugins that do not work on Windows 7 64 bit etc.)

Right, that’s all ok.

And I just think about: What if you want to accomplish something like that in your own network at home?
I’d still like to implement this possibility and wanna know if it is possible. I only want to host my own files.
Or sometimes I’m not at home, but it would be great if my song or an addin (lua scripting) just could download the files into a song directory.

If you still think this topic is not worth regarding a moderator might close this.
But then I still got another idea how to achieve this.

Thanks for your kind reply. :slight_smile:

for your own network, if vst is only .dll file you can host it on dropbox or google drive and set your vst folder on shared folder on your computer

Most likely that is very possible and might work for DLL only plugins that do not require complex registry key reading (and you download them to the known VST plugin folders, not the song folders). The only thing that is not possible is triggering Renoise to scan for new plugins (which is still necessary to do) after the download.