Online Record Of 1193

I always see this figure…but it just hit me today…why were there so many people online at once that day??? what was so special that day??

i m sure maybe some of the “old timers” may know…the most i ever see online at once is around 100 or so… :huh:

I am / was online (just left the browser for working hours ;).

But going home…

The counter keeps track of anonymous guest visitors as well as those that are logged in. If the figure 1193 is even remotely accurate, then it probably came from a day when some forum link(s) got shared on other big sites, and lots of guests were reading the posts here. Another possibility is that the forum got bombarded by some kind of DDoS attempt on that day.

or spambots trying to access the forum

Hmmmmm…possibility of an attack of some sort never occured to me!!! but does anyone actually remember being on the forum that day and being like…whoa there are over 1000 ppl here!! :panic: