Only 4 pairs of audio seen by Renoise?

Can anyone tell me why I can see (and select)all 16 channels of my Tascam 16x08 USB interface in Amadeus, but only 4 L/R pairs (8ch) in Renoise? I’m running the latest stable 64-bit Mac version of Renoise on 10.12.3 Sierra. TIA for any insights…

PS: pls disregard my (old) footer specs…updated

Even Logic gives me all 16 channels as inputs…Renoise still only 8. Is there some definition/pref file that can be hacked or something? The reason why this is important is because the native line inputs on the 16x08 are ch’s 9-16 (I’m using an active DI to convert mic ch’s 5-8 into line inputs). So, Renoise only showing ch’s 1-8 ignores most of my line inputs. Not optimal.

OK, so I’ve rtfm, and I checked out Coreaudio and confirmed that it’s properly seeing 16 input channels and 8 output channels off of the 16x08 interface…so why is Renoise only displaying the first 8 input channels? Is this a known limitation of Renoise’s architecture? Is there a workaround? All my other audio apps are properly seeing the 16 inputs.

Someone give me a clue, please? Thanks.

Srsly? No one wants to take a stab at why this might be? Or confirm that Renoise is capable of seeing all 16 channels of a 16 channel audio interface?

Any other TASCAM with Renoise owners out there? Thx.