[only moderators can] Forum: Modifying The Topic Title

Can I edit the title of a topic, provided I’m the one who started the topic?
If so, how?
If not, why?

I’m thinking about adding stuff like [solved] etc

I think you need to gain super mod powers for that.

Great, is that achievable by us mere mortals or you have to be invited to the secret Renoise brotherhood of developers/admins?

If you edit your post, can’t you then also edit your posts title? (this is how it also works for forum moderators)

Not for us regular forumites.

I believe you’re missing the point. It is often helpful to edit the title afterwards, for instance to add [solved] or other helpful prefix.

Sorry, I don’t believe regular users can do this. But maybe it’s just a configuration setting somewhere that could be changed? IMHO it would be a good thing.

Only if nobody else has replied yet i believe…

Just in case you want to change the title in ‘OMG LAWL THE DUDE TAHT REPLIED IS A MORON!! LOLOLOL’ I guess… So its actually a good thing, the ability to change TT’s will only bring up evil in persons.

So hereby; thanks Renoise forum for keeping us safe from ourselves!

Not at all. The person starting the topic should be able to edit the title.

There is no such option to allow ordinary users to do this and even if there would be, it would not be turned on because it would also allow you to change titles in the bug report sections that may not be touched.
What’s the problem with simply asking a moderator to do so? None of them are unwilling and changes are applied quite quickly as well.

It’s true! They are not as bad as they seem. :P

No problem at all, I just wanted to save you admins some work. And possibly myself some embarassment if I would happen to find an answer to my own questions, marking the topic as [solved].

So, my motive for asking was just to be helpful.

Now that we know you don’t mind: perhaps prefix this topic with [resolved]? :)